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  • Miniature and medium-sized base station power supply for electrical solutions
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    Requirements and challenges 

    Mixer machine room rent is high, the space is narrow, not using conventional batteries for electricity; 

    Floor load-bearing is not enough, need to have floor reinforcement use lead-acid batteries, property is difficult to coordinate; 

    Mixer without air conditioning, the mains power is frequent site lead-acid battery life falling fast, inspection maintenance is difficult; 

    The solution 

    Such site equipment power is small, many construction in the scene such as elv well without air conditioning, often due to reasons such as property power station, and has such problems as scattered space, equipment installation, so the conventional lead-acid battery is difficult to provide effective guarantee for electricity. 

    Zte can send according to the load equipment power and time requirements for electricity, the Extra series products for electrical, Extra for modular design, can be extended by parallel battery capacity. Series of products 

    Installation method: 19 inch rack installation or hang a wall to install, save space effectively 



    Program features 

    Save installation space, application of original equipment rack or hanging wall can be installed 

    The service life of the mixer without air conditioning for eight years 

    Mixer support for a variety of types of equipment for electric power. Including equipment, communication equipment, dc or ac/dc total station. 

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